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furniture rentalAs warmer weather is fast-approaching, you might start thinking about how to liven up your décor or furniture rental to welcome spring and summer.  But how to do it without spending a fortune?  Decorating seasonally can be a challenge, but the key is flexibility and creativity.  This week at CORT Furniture Rental, we reached out to our followers and to decorating experts to find out how you stay on trend from season to season with your home décor.

clearance furnitureMid-Autumn signals the beginning of the holiday season, an exciting but stressful time in many households. It’s important to get your home prepared and organized before pulling out the decorations and welcoming in traveling relatives. To get you started, here are a few ideas on cleaning your home, accommodating guests with clearance furniture, and keeping everyone safe.

office furniture rentalYou may have heard the saying, “strategy wins wars.” In the battle for peace of mind in a life that attracts clutter, nowhere is this more relevant than in the home office. Today we are going beyond furnished housing to ask the question, “What is it that makes clutter so challenging in the home office?”