Office Furniture Solutions for Your New Startup Office Space

When Mario Medina and Adam Weiss launched their content marketing agency in 2010, they knew they wanted to create a workspace that was conducive to creativity. Based in the Dallas area, their company, madison/miles media, was built on a culture of “doing awesome work by inspired people.”

But, as veterans of the media industry, they knew that oftentimes the work environment wasn’t as conducive to creative ventures as they thought it could be.

“Our company philosophy is to create work that the clients love and to love the work that we do,” says Medina, who serves as creative director for the company he co-founded. “To do that, we had to create a space that matched that kind of approach.”

Medina is part of a new breed of business owner who recognizes the need for marrying comfort with functionality to provide startup office space that fits the individual needs of workers as well as promoting collaboration and creativity. Without that, he says, it’s hard to expect employees — which his company calls team members — to reach their true potential.

“We see it as part of our responsibility to give them an environment where they can truly thrive,” he says.

For madison/miles media, that means an open, wall-free office with spacious ergonomic workspaces that give team members room to work together (or just spread out their projects). Meanwhile, a spacious, state-of-the-art break room is filled with creature comforts that include a well-stocked refrigerator, big-screen TV, couch, and even video games (including Rock Band).

“We knew that we wanted a company where people loved coming to work,” Medina says, “so that’s what we built.”

Improving Productivity Through Office Furnishings

Today’s startup companies have several things to think about, from the image they want to portray to how they’re going to handle fluctuations in the size of their team. Going with modular office furniture solutions allows flexibility to integrate desks and workspaces into the overall office design while still being able to change things out as needed.

Since ergonomics now play an important role in the comfort and safety of the office environment, many business leaders are opting for configurations that allow sitting and standing options, and some even integrate a treadmill into a workspace to create a walking desk. To allow for different sizes of workers, adjustable features on chairs, task lighting, and computer tables or desks are important as well.

“The more comfortable someone is, and the more they enjoy the workspace around them, the happier and more productive they are going to be,” Medina says. “Giving a lot of workspace around their desks is a great way to encourage meetings and collaboration; it’s the exact opposite of what used to be done with cubicles. This is all about giving people the right environment for working together and allowing them to thrive in that environment.”

Creative Outcomes Are Simply Natural

In addition to the office equipment and furniture, today’s business leaders are also giving thought to other factors that can affect the wellbeing and productivity of workers. For example, studies in the topic of biophilia have shown that being around nature can make a huge difference in the mood and creativity of workers, even if that nature comes in the form of plants brought into a building.

Studies have shown that simply bringing a plant into the workplace improved productivity by 15 percent and also increased concentration and workplace happiness. And, when no nature is available, watching images of nature on a television or computer screen also can have positive effects on the mood and health of workers — and can even lower heart rates and blood pressure.

“I think employers today are a lot more aware of the need for their employees to be happy in order for them to be productive,” Medina says. “When you put some thought into how your office can be designed to support them and to create a space that they want to work in every day, I consider that an investment in their future and in the future of the company. It’s a win-win situation for the company and for their clients.”

Whether you’re looking to renovate a break room or you need to outfit a blank space with everything from desks to décor, CORT Furniture Rental can help. Renting furniture means you don’t have to spend a lot upfront to buy what you need. Instead, you control what you spend per month, preserving the flexibility to scale up (with a consistent look) as your startup takes off. From collaborative spaces to open office designs and even breakroom furniture and accessories, CORT can help your startup hit the ground running and look great at the same time.

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