Staging Leads to Quicker Leasing

office stagingCommercial real estate is typically shown as an empty unit to potential renters to ascertain the size and layout of the space. However, by staging a vacant commercial space, a landlord can provide a better impression of the space, creating more interest and setting the stage for a deal in the shortest time possible.

Just like a home, staging a commercial property to show clients how it might look as a functioning business allows you to highlight the assets of the space and take away from negative features that could be the reason for the long stint on the leasing market.

CORT’s design experts want to share some simple tips on how to stage commercial space to help rent your property for greater value, quickly.

Staging Tips

  • Separate vignettes can be designed to show a prospect how that space can be used. For example, a reception area could feature a reception desk, guest chairs, plants and a rug to make the space warm and inviting. Lamps are another great addition to make the space more appealing and inviting.
  • Prepare the space before furnishing. Walls should be painted to add freshness.  Carpets should be cleaned and floors should be buffed and waxed.  All overhead lighting should be inspected to ensure the bulbs and ballasts are working correctly.
  • Don’t focus on just the visual aspects of the space; attend to other needs as well. If the space is old and has a musty smell, contract to have the air ducts cleaned.
  • Curb appeal can often make or break a deal when it comes to renting or buying a property.  Add a pop of color to flower beds with a variety of annuals.  Provide a clean, well-lit parking lot to make a good first impression to potential clients.
  • Bathrooms should be kept spotless and completely functional.  Fix dripping faucets, mildewed caulking and running toilets to avoid a negative impression.
  • To create a more desirable work environment, clean windows to provide maximum lighting.  If budget allows, hire a reliable window-cleaning service and be sure to dust window sills, air vents and light fixtures a few times a week.
  • Plants will add texture and life to a space.  Be sure to remove dying plants to avoid having the space looking old and unkempt.  Consider hiring a service to keep live plants watered and groomed regularly.

Paying attention to the details and putting in a little extra effort towards breathing life into a space can help get that signature on the lease agreement quicker!