Make Lasting Memories with New Holiday Traditions

The holidays are the perfect time for making new traditions, whether you’re just starting a family of your own, or you simply want to make the season more memorable for your loved ones. Big or small, new traditions are fun to look back on—and look forward to next year. These ideas will get you started thinking about which new holiday traditions to add for your family.

Live the Part

Choose a special era in history when organizing your holiday gathering, and dress and cook accordingly. Add your favorite apartment Christmas decorations to set the scene. Whether it’s medieval times, the Victorian era, or the Roaring 20s, don your best costume and celebrate the yuletide in style.

Festive Exchanges

For hours of fun and laughter, gather friends and family for a white elephant gift exchange, complete with appetizers and beverages. Hilarity is bound to ensue when unwrapping each unique present—some plucked from the depths of the basement. For a fun twist on this idea, you can host a gift card exchange, ornament exchange, or even a “$5 Fab Find” exchange (where each person brings the most unique $5 item they can find).

If traditional exchanges are more your speed, consider a cookie exchange as part of your feast instead. Each attendee to your party brings their favorite baked goods, and everyone leaves with a full stomach and delicious treats for the ride home.

A Family Affair

Ensure everyone has a part to play in your holiday traditions by purchasing matching pajamas for the whole family to wear on Christmas Eve, or make your beloved pet the star of your holiday card. Belt out a tune or two by caroling in your neighborhood, or hunt for the prettiest holiday lights in your city with a thermos of cocoa in tow.

If you’ve just moved to a new place, creating new holiday traditions is a great way to make your new city feel more like home. CORT Furniture Rental makes it easy for you to settle in during the most wonderful time of the year. With the ability to conveniently furnish your entire home, you’ll enjoy the fun part: celebrating.

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