Home Staging Advantages

A new report on the advantages of home staging was aired today on NBC’s WCBD News 2 channel out of Charleston, SC. News anchor Tara Lynn spoke with HGTV’s Terry Haas and her colleague Julie Chalupsky, both regional real estate experts who co-wrote a guide to private home selling. The pair are uniquely poised to offer some great advice to those looking to sell their homes— and sell them quickly— in a climate in which buyers still have the advantage.

As agents, Haas and Chalupsky have worked with both buyers and sellers, and recognize that a property’s visual presentation is absolutely vital to making a strong impression on potential buyers. Far too often, home sellers will show residences that are completely vacant. On average, a home that is shown looking like a model via home staging, will take half as long to sell as one that is shown empty! Maximize every room by staging with furniture and props that clearly designate its purpose and potential.

If you are a private seller intending to show your currently occupied home, home staging is still encouraged. The agents recommend removing artifacts or design elements of a highly personal nature, such as family photos. These can distract the potential buyer’s attention away from the benefits and features of the property. Likewise, abundant clutter that is unrelated to the intended purpose of each room (think children’s toys scattered through the living room) is also frowned upon. The idea is to show the home in its most clear and appealing state with simple and inviting use of furniture and accessories.

Whatever your situation, effective home staging can tangibly put you over the edge of your competition in the market, which is why CORT offers nationwide home staging solutions that connect private sellers with experts in your area.