Give Your Bedroom an Eco-Friendly Makeover

If you’re looking to create a more eco-friendly space, the bedroom is a great place to start. You spend about one-third of your life sleeping, so why not take some steps to make the time you spend in bed a boost to the environment, as well as a refreshing way to energize your body? You can make the space both green and comfortable with a few simple tips.

Start with the Bed

With the bed as the centerpiece, the bedroom requires fewer pieces of furniture than many rooms. That allows you to take a minimalist approach that’s good for the planet and also good for getting a great night’s sleep.

A headboard might get the most attention, but the mattress makes the biggest difference when it comes to comfort. Instead of a typical pillow-top mattress, consider an eco-friendly memory foam mattress to achieve a premium level of cushioned comfort.

Conventional mattresses made from unsustainable materials emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that can cause such symptoms as headaches, nausea, and throat irritation. An eco-friendly memory foam mattress, on the other hand, does not contain harmful chemicals and provides an excellent night’s rest.

Dress Up the Room

The next thing to consider for an eco-friendly makeover is the bedding. Replacing your existing polyester comforter or duvet cover with bedding made from organic materials refreshes the room and gives it a new look as well as a lighter, toxin-free atmosphere.

Next, pile on the pillows. Many eco-friendly options are available, and the more pillows you have, the more comfortable and inviting the space feels.

Add Some Plants

The simple addition of houseplants is an excellent way to make your space environmentally friendly at minimal cost. Indoor plants don’t just make a space look greener, they literally make the air cleaner. In fact, research conducted by NASA found that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of toxins in the air, making them an ideal way to freshen up a room. Some plants can even help reduce stress.

Choose Sustainable Furnishings

Implementing sustainable pieces of accent furniture made from woods like bamboo gives your room a classic look while minimizing the need for frequent replacement. You could even make your own headboard from reclaimed wood or re-purposed window frames to give the room an eclectic feel.

As you look for new ways to reinvent your bedroom space, CORT Furniture Rental can provide you with quality, sustainable options to suit any style. With a wide selection of comfortable and stylish bedrooms, CORT takes care of every need without the long-term commitment that goes with purchasing furniture.

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