Furniture Rental Review

As many of you likely already know, CORT’s made its name on its excellent furniture rental services. Granted, they’re only one part of a much more complete suite of services we offer for people and businesses in all kinds of transitions. We’re proud of all of them, but our trade-in furniture rental is the backbone of our organization.

It’s fair to say that we’re pretty high on our services.

Others happen to agree. In a relatively recent comparative review of temporary furnishing solutions, The Wall Street Journal profiled the performance of four companies. From each, a piece (or a few pieces) of furniture was rented over the phone, and the efficiency, price, selection, and number of locations were noted for each. Of the four, only two—CORT among them—received wholly positive reviews. However, the reviewer also noted that CORT has over 100 locations across the country against the other quality performer’s nine.

The reviewer noted several positive elements of CORT’s services. She praised, for example, the efficiency of the delivery process, noting that the chair she ordered via phone was delivered and picked up within specific two-hour windows. She also noted the quality and range of the selection of furniture CORT offered. Of the chair, she wrote, “It was spotless and could easily pass for brand-new.”

Efficient, trustworthy, and offering quality, high-end products as advertised: That pretty much sums up what our aims are when we rent furniture, and we’re glad to see that The Wall Street Journal independently verified it.

Looking for something other than furniture? We also offer a wide range of other relocation services, including home staging and destination services.  Should the business world’s paper of record decide to profile these offerings, we’re confident they would reach the same conclusions they did when they rented that chair from us.