How to Clean Leather Furniture

At CORT, we provide products far beyond furniture rental. We also offer an exceptionally thorough and thoughtfully considered complement of relocation services.

Our goal is to ensure that we take care of every step of the moving process, from helping you to find an apartment using our excellent search tools over at ApartmentSearch, to physically moving all your worldly possessions safely, soundly, and efficiently, to helping you hit the ground running with our destination services.

Of course, furniture rental remains our bread and butter, and we’re as passionate about it as anyone. Among the excellent selection of upholstered and wood-based offerings we have, we also possess a wide variety of leather furniture for rent (or for sale at our many clearance furniture locations across America). Should you choose to rent or buy leather furniture from us, know that you’ll be getting only the most high-quality, new or like-new products available. However, accidents happen, and you might find yourself needing to clean some leather furniture one day. Here are some guidelines for getting the most out of your leather furniture.

Leather furnishings are prized for their aesthetic appeal an comfort. Cleaning is often considered to be one of the biggest downsides of owning it. However, you can go a long way toward easing this concern with some quick thinking and a little bit of planning. If you spill something onto leather, spring into action by blotting up excess liquid with a dry cloth until the area is dry to the touch. If a non-water liquid was spilled, blotting with both damp and dry cloths might help to dilute the liquid while simultaneously cleaning it up.

Blotting will usually be enough to prevent any staining; other times, when you’ll want to employ a leather cleaner. In those instances, it helps to keep leather cleaner (water soluble) on-hand. When using it, be sure to apply as directed on the cleaner’s packaging.

These two tactics ought to ensure a long life for your leather furniture.