Four Ways to Create a Dual-Purpose Dining Room Office

Work from home has homeowners redesigning their formal dining rooms into multipurpose office spaces. And for good reason. Whether you budget for a whole renovation or repurpose what you have, it’s easy to reimagine your unused family space into a comfortable home office. 

Why Convert Your Dining Room Into A Home Office?

The modern family isn’t sitting down to dinner each night. And you are probably noticing what was once the daily gathering spot is now gathering dust. 

Most dining rooms are on the larger side, already have sufficient light sources, and are an offshoot to your kitchen or living room. The dining room is a perfect spot to dedicate to a workspace without cramping your space. Plus, it can double as a shared office or a room for your children to do homework and extra storage space for all your stuff spilling over the kitchen island. 

Here are some tips on how to make a dining room office without losing the “dining” aspect.

Use What You Have

Reimagining the function of your dining room can be actualized by the items you already have. A dining room table can easily double as a work surface — and it has space for everything you need plus a little more.  Add an ergonomic desk chair and you are ready to make your Zoom meetings (definitely on time).

Keep your dining room chairs for when you have company and the occasional holiday gathering. Add on an ergonomic desk chair to comfortably work from and perhaps a bench with cushioning so your kids can do homework after school. Adding in additional seating is just one of many fantastic and practical dining room office ideas that’ll spice up what you have while keeping your new dining room office fully functional. 

Task Lighting

What’s one of the first steps when you’re planning to convert your dining room to office space? Adding in sufficient lighting. Adding one or two lamps to your dining table or a floor lamp provides a personal aesthetic touch to the space all while helping you see better. If it’s within your budget, adding wall lighting or sconces can also brighten up what might be a dull room if you don’t have the luxury of natural lighting.

Retrofit with New Pieces

Perhaps you need a few new items to transform your dining room into the ultimate dual-purpose dining room office. Or, it could be time to redo your dining room altogether. When picking out new pieces, find dual-purpose items that make converting your room between functions easy (and inconspicuous). You can store office supplies and placemats inside a credenza or chest with drawers. Add a few accent chairs so friends can stop by and “lounge” after meals or for visits when you are working. 

And make things accessible for conversion. Stowaway bar carts or credenzas can house all of your work gear when you need to open your “desk” up into a dining room table. It’s a great space saver without being a heavy piece of furniture.  

If you want a two-for-one room, measure out what you have and fit a desk for you and a table for dining. Separate the space by using cabinets and shelving for home office-specific needs and leaving the table to stand on its own for meals. 

Wall Space

Everything is personal now that your office is in your home. Use your wall space to showcase family photos or artwork you’ll love looking at throughout your work day. Or take it a step further with bookcases to house a family library. It’s a unique way to inspire creativity in the home. Or a clever way to store plates, office supplies, and extra home goods without looking like an overstuffed closet. 


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