Dining Room Office Ideas to Help Balance Life and Work

Is it just us, or does every room in the house seem to be multi-functional these days? For many, home is now the office and the classroom, too!

Whether you’re using your dining room for family time, work, or homeschooling your kiddos, it’s essential to create a functional setup for your everyday uses. Learn how to incorporate key pieces of furniture and organizational systems to keep life running like clockwork.

Set Up Your Dining Room Office Combo for Success

Is your dining room table doubling as a desk? Creating a home office with no space is possible! Follow these tips to help your dining room transition from work time to dinner time in no time:

  1. Designate one end of the table as your workspace and stay in that zone — it will be easier to put away your work things if they aren’t scattered over the entire table. And that way, if your Zoom meeting runs long, you still have a clear area for dinner.
  2. Save time and space by giving your laptop, chargers, notebooks, and other work necessities an easily accessible home. Adding a bookcase, filing cabinet, or additional storage space in or near your dining room will make all the difference at the start and end of your workday.
  3. Invest in the best furniture for your new home office. Your current dining room chairs may not be the most comfortable for an 8-hour workday. While it won’t be a permanent fixture at mealtime, renting an office chair while working from home is worth it. Feeling a little cramped? Rent a larger dining room table while everyone is home.

Create a Productive Work Area

With Netflix a click away, kids in the other room, or a furry coworker begging for a walk, remote work can require a little (or a lot) more focus. It’s crucial for your work from home office setup to be conducive to a productive workday. These three tips can help:

  1. Houseplants are proven to reduce stress, boost your mood, inspire creativity, and improve concentration. If you don’t have a green thumb, start with a faux plant! Brighter the corner with a fiddle leaf fig tree or add a succulent arrangement as a centerpiece.
  2. Upgrade your artwork to something inspiring! A small change, like a new painting, can go a long way.
  3. Brighten a dim room with an extra lamp or two. Proper lighting in the workplace (wherever that may be these days) increases productivity, helps fight off drowsiness, and reduces strain on the eyes.

Making a Homeschool-Friendly Space

Did you become a homeschool teacher overnight? You’re not alone. Try these tips for a stress-free school and workday:

  1. First, everyone needs their own space. Designate a seat at the table as a “desk” (just like mom or dad) and assign a drawer or shelf to store supplies. This will help keep your dining room organized and clutter-free — and keep you a little saner.
  2. For snack and lunchtime at the table, break out the placemats for easy cleanup and peanut butter-free homework. And in case you need to upgrade the coffee maker for yourself, CORT has a great variety of kitchen tools and appliances available for rent.

With the right set up, you can be productive working from anywhere! Create a multi-functional dining room set up with CORT’s help. Rent furniture that is family, work, and kid-friendly! Visit one of our locations near you or explore CORT’s furniture subscription packages online today!

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