Stuff to Know Before Moving to Florida

There’s so much to love about The Sunshine State, from the beaches and the tropical weather to the countless attractions! But what would it be like to actually live in Florida? Before you pack your bags and make the journey down south, take a minute to learn about the realities (both good and bad) of living in this increasingly popular destination for digital nomads and young families.

Things to know before moving to Florida

Pro: No state income tax

One major perk of being a Florida resident is the lack of state income tax. If you decide to live in Florida, you can expect to owe far less money to state and local government entities; in fact, Florida has one of the lowest overall tax burdens of anywhere in the United States.

Con: Might have a higher cost of living

Even though you won’t be responsible for state taxes, it’s possible moving to Florida can come with higher costs in other ways. The cost of living ranks just above the national average, which means you could pay more to have a home in Florida than where you currently live. While we admit this ‘con’ is somewhat subjective, it’s still an excellent point to consider as you’re weighing your options and trying to make your final decision.

Additionally, Florida makes up for its lack of state income tax revenue by collecting property taxes on home and real estate value. Depending on your salary and the market value of your house, the tax savings alone may not be worth the move.

Pro: Tons to see and do year-round

You’re likely familiar with the many theme parks located in Florida (Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens) — but did you know there are tons of other activities to enjoy, as well? Florida is a prime place for swimming, sailing, surfing, and more, thanks to its world-class beaches and warm weather year-round. On top of that, all these activities translate into have ample opportunities to meet new people.

Con: Heavily touristed most of the time

Although plenty of locals visit Florida’s theme parks and outdoor attractions, there’s no denying a lot of tourists come through, too. Millions of people worldwide visit Florida every year, which often translates to crowded coastlines and a lot of commercialization. Hanging around so many tourists doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, but it’s still important to keep in mind as you envision your Florida-bound adventures.

Pro: Nice temperatures through the winter

If you’re not a fan of cold weather, the winter months in Florida might be ideal for you. That’s because Florida supplies heaps of sunshine rather than mounds of snow, saving you from shoveling your driveway or bundling up whenever you head outside. During Florida winters, you can expect the temperatures to hover around what you’d typically set your thermostat to — plus, there’s also low humidity and lots of golden rays!

Con: Unpredictable weather and wildlife

On the flip side of these pleasant winters, Florida can deliver some unpredictable conditions during warmer seasons. From the intense summer heat to the dangerous storms (i.e., hurricanes, flooding, etc.), there can be a lot to navigate. And that all goes without mentioning Florida’s wildlife, like snakes, alligators, and pesky insects. But remember, Floridians find ways to deal with these things all the time. Just follow local guidelines regarding weather and be aware of your non-human neighbors.

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