5 Things to Consider When Moving from City to Country

If the constant hustle and bustle is wearing on you or the city just doesn’t feel like it once did, maybe it’s time to make a move. Moving from the city to the country can bring some much-needed rest and relaxation, but it can also give you space you never knew you needed. If you’re considering a move from the city to the country, here are a few things to think about.

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Country Living

1. In the country, you can find more space for less money.

One of the biggest benefits of country living is lower costs all around than city life. Rent is lower, and homes are generally larger and have more land surrounding them. This is undoubtedly a perk if you have a growing family and need more room than your city apartment is giving you or working from home and want an extra room to transform into a comfortable dedicated office space.

2. You’ll likely need to adjust your definition of “convenient.”

It’s not hard to have multiple restaurants, stores, and businesses within a few minutes’ drive—or even within walking distance in a city. When moving from city to country, keep in mind that grocery stores and other businesses are typically smaller and farther apart than in the city or the ‘burbs. That doesn’t mean you won’t have these “creature comforts” close by; it just might mean you have to drive a few extra minutes to get to them. If you commute to your job, moving to the country may add time to your route to work, too.

3. You’ll enjoy a slower lifestyle and different scenery.

If you and your partner, spouse, or roommates are constantly burnt out, tired, and in need of a recharge, you might be asking each other, “Should we move to the country?” Moving from the city to the country can provide you with space — both mental and physical — to withdraw from work stress, slow down, and enjoy leisurely time in nature. Plus, beautiful countryside views are good for the soul, and they’re just one of the many benefits of country living. Peace and quiet, privacy, and lower costs of living are a few others.

4. It may be harder to find a community.

If you’re wondering how to move from the city to the country and still maintain a social life, that’s a perfectly valid concern! The slower and quieter lifestyle of living in the country can make it harder to meet new people, make friends, or arrange playdates for the kids.

With fewer public events, parks, and bustling town hotspots out in the country, connecting with your community in the country may be a bit different from how it was in the city. But, it’s certainly not impossible with some intentional effort. Plus, if your move from city to country isn’t too far away from your current home, you can still drive to town and catch up with friends there.

5. You and the family can move into your dream home.

When you live in the city and face inflated real estate prices, it’s challenging to find your dream home and stay within your budget. The lower costs of living and real estate in the country allow you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of and still have plenty of cash leftover to decorate it and make it feel like yours. Moving cross country with your kids can give you the fresh start you didn’t know you needed and create an adventure your family will never forget.

How to Move From the City to the Country the Easy Way

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