Summer Reading for Home Stagers

home stagingThe hot summer months will have many of us inside at peak times of the day, lounging with a good book and an cold glass of iced tea. If you are a home stager, chances are, you’ll be reading about interior design or home staging tips. That’s because (let’s face it) home staging experts are a bit obsessed with making homes look welcoming and easy to embrace. Just for you, we have compiled a list of summer reading that should keep you inspired for years to come.

If you haven’t already read her books, Barbara Jennings, a very successful home stager, has written some important books on the subject. Staging Portfolio Secrets is an excellent book about learning how to create a powerful portfolio that will both showcase your talents and have clients trust you and your work. Another of her books, Home Staging for Profit, covers every aspect of starting and growing a successful home staging business.

Home stagers often have very little time to work with. Sometimes you only have a week or less to ready a house for buyers. You’re sure to appreciate Speed Decorating, by Jill Vegas. Transform any home at top speed through Jill’s useful tips, which include tips on decorating, decision making, and speed cleaning. And it’s a really fun read!

We’ve also found a couple of webpages that you’re sure to find useful. Check out and Both of these sites have a variety of resources and tips that home stagers should know about. Finally, for inspiration and links to useful guides, come visit us on Pinterest on the Home Staging board. You’ll find beautiful photos of well staged homes and creative ideas.

At CORT, we value the service provided by home staging experts. We also know that home staging can be a very satisfying and profitable business, especially when one is armed with the latest advice and tips. Eager to support our do-it-yourselfers and home staging experts, we hope this gets you started on a great summer reading list. Happy reading!