Setting the Stage for Romance

home stagingQuality home staging goes beyond the placement of furniture. Whether you are an expert home stager or you are simply interested in bringing the secrets of interior design to life in your own home, here are some tips for creating an environment that brings furnished housing to life with the language of love.

The best interior designers advise us that a romantic decor appeals to the senses through color, layering and texture. Start with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, raw silk, satin or polished cotton. These fabrics can create a sense of timelessness—an visual escape from the outside world. Layering and textures create tones of warmth, intimacy and intrigue. For example, try layering a fur (or faux fur) throw on a raw silk fabric surface, or pair a pin-tucked bedspread with a diamond quilted velvet. Two different textures in the same or similar colors can also create a beautiful effect.

Deep, rich colors can create a lush environment. Aside from the tried and true red hues, colors such plums and purples, chocolate browns, deep blues, and even metallic tones like copper can create a sense of romance as well. Check out our High Glam Pinterest board to see some great examples of how bold colors can spice up a room. But romantic interiors do not adhere to a rigid set of rules. Creating a romantic environment is really about bringing forward a sense of inspiration. Going in a different direction, but equally romantic and beautiful, layers of fresh white cotton paired with a pale blue or lavender can set a refreshing and invigorating tone. These fabrics set against a backdrop of natural wood tones and a beautiful wall color can create a unique romantic world.

But it’s not just about the fabric. Accessories that play with light or can also add romantic interest to the visual landscape. Large candles, of course, add dimension to any room; but so can small decorative lamps, a beautiful luminous vase, or a mirrored tray. Finally, if romance begins with the imagination, adding a touch of humor or an unexpected twist may be just what is needed to light the spark of romance. If you are wondering how that works, take a look at the pillows that spell out “LOVE” on the High Glam board and the pin entitled “house plant.” Romance isn’t just for the bedroom either. These same principles can apply to any room in the house, easily bringing an intimate context to any space. When love is in the air, bringing a romantic flare to the environment can make all the difference. For more ideas and helpful hints, check out other entries in our furniture blog.