How to Achieve a Timeless Neutral Aesthetic Home Design

Whether you’re jumping into a vanilla girl aesthetic or creating a calm space to relax, beige interior design is your answer. Gone are the days of “sad beige!” In fact, neutral design is an easy-to achieve style that is both elegant and elevated. The cozy, comfortable white and beige decor combines modern details with timeless colors for an on-trend and classic design. Learn how to achieve the look for yourself.


White and Beige Doesn’t Have to be Bland


Let’s start with a color scheme: white and beige. Of course, you can incorporate any shade of those colors, from cream to deep tan to earthy greige. White or beige walls give you a flexible backdrop, no matter your style. To keep this neutral color scheme from feeling flat or dull, pay close attention to details in the room, like texture, lines, and contrast.


Texture: Your Secret to a Sophisticated Neutral Aesthetic


To keep your beige and white decor from feeling flat, add texture! Here are a few tips to get you started:


Use natural materials. 


Take a hint from the Japandi style with a light wood coffee table, or use wood picture frames as wall decor. Bamboo accents or pampas grass in a clear vase are also a good bet. 


Choose textured linens. 


Plain fleece throw? We think no! Opt for fabrics with plenty of texture, from blankets to throw pillows to wall hangings. Think macrame, pom poms, and chunky woven fabrics in your living space. 


Weave in plenty of baskets.


Woven texture is a surefire way to add coziness and warmth to a space. With oversized floor baskets, you can also add much-needed storage for blankets, pillows, or any other items you’d rather keep tucked away for the sake of a calm aesthetic.


Get Your Neutral Color Aesthetic In “Line”


Besides texture, another way to keep things interesting is choosing furniture, wall decor, and accessories with unexpected lines. Need beige living room ideas? Instead of a traditional boxy sofa, choose a unique couch with a curved silhouette. And for a beige and white bedroom aesthetic, try a slatted or bamboo headboard that offers contrast against all your fluffy linens. Choose a mushroom-shaped or futuristic table lamp to break up the straight surface of a console table or side table, or opt for an asymmetrical piece of wall art—in a neutral color, of course—for a funky touch. 


Don’t be afraid to mix straight lines and curves, too! An arched mirror gives you the best of both, or a rectangular piece of art can serve as the perfect backdrop for a plant in a curvy vase. Speaking of plants, they can also be a great way to add interest (and color) to your space without disturbing your overall “zen” vibe. 


Add Contrast to Your Beige Interior Design (Or Don’t!)


With enough interesting detail, white and beige home decor can stand alone. But if you crave a bit of contrast, bring in other neutral colors like deep gray or black. A black mid-century-mod light fixture or a few textured gray throw pillows can shine against a beautiful beige and white background! 


If you’d rather maximize the calm vibes in your space and give your eyes a rest, stay with soft shades and skip the contrasting details. Incorporate shades of white and beige for a layered look, and use warm brass or gold for any metal accents.


Make Your White and Beige Design Ideas A Reality with CORT


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