Home Makeovers Offer Instant Gratification with Furniture Rentals

By Andrea Ditter-Middleton

Is a drab living room making it hard to relax at night? Does the state of your dining set make you think twice about hosting dinner parties? A modern, decorated room offers more than image; it can directly impact your life. Indeed, modern experts suggest changing the look of your home every 5 to 10 years to keep up with trends. However, this does not have to mean a total home renovation every decade. In fact, renting furniture is a great alternative that instantly and effectively changes the look and feel of a room with very little effort.

How Old Is Too Old for Furniture?

Research indicates most furniture outlives its use much faster than people realize. In fact, a 2006 survey found that consumers believe a “high-quality” sofa should last an average of 7.8 years. Back in 1985, the average was nearly twice as long: 14.2 years. The reason behind this change is connected to an overall attitude shift in regards to home decor, rather than a trend towards lower-quality furniture. Today, most people take a more fluid approach to home decorating, which means that they change the look of their rooms far more often.

Furniture Rental Offers Instant Gratification

Remodeling a home — or even just one room — is a huge undertaking that requires consideration of everything from flooring to wall color. Plus, it seems to take forever, inconveniencing everyone in the home and disrupting the normal flow of life. While furniture is often the last factor most people consider, it is often the most impactful. Choosing to switch out a sofa or update a dining table makes an immediate, noticeable difference in the look and feel of a room without wasting the time and confusion involved in a complete remodel.

The Convenience of Renting Furniture Is Perfect for Busy People

The time and energy required to completely make over your home — or even just one room — is more than most people can spare. However, renting furniture from CORT is actually quite convenient. Through simple online ordering and fast delivery, getting a new look for one or all of the rooms in your home is a simple weekend job that adds style, modernity, and class to any space.


Andrea Ditter-Middleton is a professional writer and teacher whose knowledge and work covers a variety of fields from education and finance to travel and home improvement. In addition to teaching writing and literature to community college students, Andrea is a regular contributor to LivingRichWithCoupons.com and iGrad.com. Her work has also appeared on Credit Sesame, ChildsWork, and ContentMarketing.com.