Future Workplace on Display at NeoCon

Each year I look forward to attending NeoCon®, which is North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. This event gathers over 40,000 architecture and design professionals in Chicago for three days of non-stop resources, energy, and ideas.

NeoCon is one of the most important industry events of the year because it focuses on design concepts and trends rather than products, allowing attendees to see where the future of design is heading.

As I walked through the conference, I was really inspired by what the future of workplaces will look like.

Across the globe, the workforce is changing. Workers’ expectations are changing. How they work is changing. The work they are doing is changing. All of this impacts how office spaces are designed. Workplaces are becoming more versatile, focusing on more common spaces and less on private, administrative and filing areas.

Some of the product highlights from NeoCon include:

  1. The gathering of soft seating to encourage group activities
  2. Single chairs placed so someone might have a bit of “quiet time” to think
  3. Shelter sofas provide privacy and reduce noise levels
  4. Tables of all shapes and designs offer a place that encourages teaming
  5. Modular pieces offer versatile workstations that can be reconfigured based on a person’s needs
  6. Height adjustable tables that go from sit to stand accommodate an increasingly health conscious workforce

One of the most exciting products that we will be adding to CORT’s product offering is the Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Desk. Recently, there has been a great deal of research released to the public about how bad sitting is for a person’s health long term. CORT is responding to this news by offering this workplace option and encouraging workers to stand more during the day. The height adjustable tables will now make it easier for meetings to occur in the vertical position!

Another productive and exciting year at NeoCon with great crowds, high energy and excitement for the new workplace concepts!