Year In Review: 5 Popular CORT Furniture Blog Posts from 2012

furniture blogIt’s time again to review the quickly-ending year.  Here at the CORT furniture blog, we’re going share five of our most popular posts from 2012, just in case you missed them the first time around. Hopefully you’ll find a few tips to make your 2013 a little brighter.

This first post is a great one to review around the holiday season when we all tend to accumulate some new clutter. Clearance Furniture to Help You Clear the Clutter walks room-by-room through your home, giving tips on how to straighten up each particular living space. For example, your living room might benefit from an ottoman that stores blankets and other movie night must-haves and that doubles as extra seating. And your bedroom will be a more restful place if you choose a nightstand with drawers where you can stash away reading materials, medications, and more.

Now that you’ve got your space cleaned up, why not glam it up? This High Glamour Home post explains how to add a touch of opulence to your home even on a limited budget. Use a variety of textures throughout the home from furniture textiles to throws and pillow fabrics. Materials that play with light, such as glass, silk, and metal, are another luxurious addition, especially if you add candles or low-watt light fixtures to the mix.

If you’re planning on moving in 2013, you’ll want to review two posts on this furniture blog. The first, Home Staging Photography Tips, details how to create photos that will help sell your home. Make sure to clear all visual clutter, including accessories that might be well-loved by you but distracting to potential buyers, before snapping your first shot. And don’t be afraid to move your furniture and accessories around a bit to better fit in the photographs. Home Staging Tips for the Exterior, on the other hand, provides tips on how to clean up the outside of your home. This is, after all, a potential buyer’s first look at your home, so make sure it is impressive.

Finally, if you’ll be moving permanently or temporarily in 2013, you should read up on how to make your move easier. Our post Destination Services Make Moving Easier covers some of the many tasks CORT’s destination services can assist with. Imagine having someone to help you with every step, from finding a new home and moving or storing your belongings to getting you settled into your new area.

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