Dare to Decorate with Black

So you’ve chosen to go for black décor.  You’ve decided to paint your walls that shade of Black Cracked Pepper and are ready to look into home furniture rental or remodeling or whatever you please.  But now what?

When you think of black décor, you might think of the inside of a Halloween haunted house, or perhaps the interior of the Addams family’s abode.  But with a little care, like well-chosen accents, the right home furniture rental, and a touch of your own personal design, decorating with black is anything but depressing.

Here are 5 ways to work with black décor without looking drab:

Add Textures

Using diverse textures and materials in a mostly-black room can help avoid monotony.  Many paints have a range of finishes, from flat matte to glossy enamel.  If you are painting your walls or furniture black, consider varying your finishes.  Chalkboard paint can be a fun way to incorporate black into your design!  It automatically supplies a matte finish and lets you decorate and redecorate any way you like. Also try varying the textures you choose in your furnishings and home furniture rental pieces.  Dark metals, leathers, and thickly woven fabrics all create great contrast.

Be Bright

Pops of bold color are extra-pronounced in a black room.  Choose carefully which colors you want to be most dominant, since they will stand out prominently against the black.  A vibrant pink and a deep hue of yellow create a surprising combination that makes a bold statement, for example.

Black and White Wall Décor

Blow up your own black and white photographs, or choose classic or retro photos.  Framed black and white typography prints can add a modern feel or an Old World flourish, depending on the style you choose.  The monochromatic effect of the photo or print surrounded by black will really lend emphasis to the wall decorations themselves.

Use Natural Accents

If you’ve heard that you should never pair black with brown, think again.  Natural wooden accents look great against dark walls.  Woods with a natural finish, antique wooden pieces, or home furniture rental pieces with wooden details can bring a dark but homey feel to a room.

More Black Décor Home Furniture Rental Ideas

For more black décor inspiration from CORT, check out the CORT Pinterest pinboard called Contemporary Black + White Affair.  There you’ll find everything from black and white home furniture rental pieces to mod black and white wallpaper to zebra-striped chairs.  Comment on a pin and tell us which piece is your favorite!  Or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know how you make black décor and home furniture rental work in your home.