CORT’s New Products Come to Life

Cort_behind the scenes-3Each year my team and I load up a truck full of CORT’s newest products and ship them to Alderman Company, a marketing services firm with a large photography facility located in the furniture capital of the world: High Point, North Carolina. CORT’s merchandising team spends two weeks at the studio, capturing images to showcase the new products and help customers envision the images they see on CORT’s website, advertisements and in product brochures across the country.

Each individual studio is approximately the size of a football field. You can customize the studio space for your needs by painting the walls, changing out the flooring and even selecting different windows, giving each room its own personality and style. The space’s versatility is appealing because it allows CORT’s merchandising group to shoot the products a number of ways and in different environments to help customers envision them in a variety of spaces.

What I love about this trip is to see the creativity oozing out of the photo studio. The CORT merchandising team pools their creative energy together to merchandise and showcase the new items in the line-up, helping to illustrate the many ways our customers can style their own home, apartment or office.

One of the best parts of the trip is when we get to see the other photo shoots and share inspiration and creativity with other leading companies. We love hopping from bay to bay to see what other products are being photographed and how they are being styled! It can range from a kitchen setting that features new cabinets and new flooring, to fully built exteriors showcasing new siding products, to training videos with actors. This year we saw a company shooting Christmas trees and decorations…it is always something unique and different!