5 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

For the discerning minimalist, studio apartment living is the ultimate experience. Without a lot of space, there’s no room for anything extra, but it’s a challenge to reduce clutter and create the perfect balance between minimal and chic. When you’re short on space, each square foot is critical, and clutter needs to hit the curb — literally. It may seem extreme, but placing even one piece of furniture in the “wrong” place can quickly overwhelm an entire design and make your home feel like an overcrowded storage locker.

Inspired by the right ideas, it’s not difficult to design a tasteful studio apartment. Getting a few hundred square feet of space to work for you — and not against you — is all about careful planning. Think about the type of space you want to create, and then work from a logical set of ideas. For example, many studio dwellers find it helpful to draw their vision of the ideal floor plan, complete with doors and windows, before placing even a single piece of furniture inside. Operating from a roadmap of sorts makes it easier to think practically about the design tricks and hacks you can use to create a sense of space where there is none.

Start with the easy-to-use tips and tricks in this graphic to make your small studio space feel roomy and organized.

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