Preparing for Your First Student Apartment, Part 1

student furniture rental

Fitting all of your belongings into your first student apartment can be challenging. This week we will focus on how young women can use student furniture rental and other creative solutions to economize their space while maintaining a sense of order, functionality and style.

Planning ahead can make all the difference.

Before you move into your new space, take an inventory of the items you will be bringing, and think about how often and where you will be using them. Having a place to put everything is a key to organization, but its also important to make sure that whatever systems you use make things easier, not harder. Store items in the location where you will use them most, with the most frequently used items in the most accessible locations. For example, underbed storage is a great solution for items that you will not need to access very often (like out-of-season clothing), but not a good location for something you will use every day. Large, frequently-used containers should be placed on lower shelves to avoid back strain or accidents. Find an easily accessible and reliable location for items, like a purse or keys, that you will use virtually every time you walk out of the door.

Coordinate anything visible.

In small spaces, storage containers are very useful, but can begin to look crowded or busy. Choosing attractive containers with simple elegance and colors that coordinate with your décor can help integrate the containers into the overall look. If you are planning to share space with a roommate, discussing color coordination ahead of time can help you plan accordingly.

Dual-purpose objects save space.

Part of making the most of any space is making sure that each object or furnishing is used to its fullest potential. Extra purses can be nested inside of each other to save closet space, or, alternatively, they can be hung on the wall as decoration. Adding shower curtain rings to a clothes hanger can create a great place to store scarves. A wire mesh stretched across the back of a picture frame can double as art and great place to store earrings. Simply hang the frame on the wall, and arrange your earrings by hanging them over the wires.

Consider student furniture rental

Rental furniture can make life much easier when you are moving into your first student apartment. While you are likely developing your own sense of style, you may not be ready to commit to a large furniture investment. CORT student furniture rental packages offer affordable, temporary furnishings that suit your transitional lifestyle. With furniture rental, by splitting the rental cost, you can furnish your apartment with stylish pieces without breaking the budget. We also have space-saving furnishings like storage ottomans, which provide extra seating and valuable storage at the same time.

To get started, enter your zip code to find a CORT Furniture store near your city on our website, and browse through the student furniture rental packages for your area. If you have questions, we have a live chat set up to help you. Next week on the furniture blog, we will discuss suggestions for male students. For more ideas, you may want to come visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.