5 Smart Ways to Prep for Life After College

For the last four years, graduation has been the goal. Now that it’s on the horizon, it’s time to prepare for the next big step: scoring a job! Here are a few ways to prepare for life after college and tips on how to score the big J-O-B!

1. Find a business mentor

One of the most valuable things on your college campus today is the opportunity to find a mentor. Before you graduate, take meetings with impactful professors, ask thoughtful questions about how they recommend getting a job after college, and ask how you can stay in touch with them following graduation. Business mentors will come with each step of your career, but don’t forget that they’re around you already — and they want you to succeed!

2. Polish your social media

Before you send your resume to every dream job and internship in the world, take a look at your social media. Are there any photos of you winning Beer Pong Champion? Set those to private or delete. Inside jokes? Post them to close friends groups. Look at your social media pages as if you were a potential hiring manager.

On LinkedIn, make sure your profile is updated and looks sharp. Then take time to connect with the hiring managers at each company before your interview. Not only is it smart networking, but connecting personally before a professional opportunity shows the soft skills that so many hiring managers are looking for.

3. Pound the (digital) pavement

With corporate offices worldwide becoming increasingly digital-friendly, you’re in luck: the same jobs you’d previously only find through career fairs are more likely to be posted online than offered exclusively in-person. So, set Google Alerts, search for online and remote internships for college students, speak with your campus career center to have your resume audited, and make sure your cover letter uses the same keywords as the job posting. If the company uses software to sort resumes, yours will come to the top. So, whether you’re looking for full-time jobs or paid summer internships, you’ll be on the right track with some digital pavement pounding!

4. Set up student loan payments that work for you

Unfortunately, your first job out of college might not have the starting pay that will afford you an opulent lifestyle. But don’t fret. Your student loan payments are likely to be deferred for the first six months after graduation — making it the perfect time for an internship after college. And even after that, you can set your payment amounts to reflect your income. Call your lender and make plans before you receive a surprise bill. You’re going to need to work within a budget to afford all the changes in your post-college life, but there are flexibilities built into your upcoming responsibilities.

5. Get Furniture On Your Terms™

As you move into your post-grad apartment or house, try to make space for work. Your new position might have a hybrid work model where you can telecommute at least part of the time. This is a new and exciting chapter in your life, but it can also feel daunting. Getting your first place comes with a lot of responsibility — and costs. Renting furniture while you get settled into your new space can give you the flexibility you need to start this chapter off right. So, whether you need a dedicated at-home office or you need a multi-functional home space, CORT can help furnish your apartment before you step foot in it.

Let CORT help you settle into the next phase of life. Explore furniture subscription packages that include three or more rooms of comfortable, stylish furniture for your apartment for less than $250 per month. Your monthly costs include delivery, set-up, and move-out services. Start creating your furniture package online today so you can focus on what truly matters: getting a leg up after graduation!

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