When Climate-Controlled Storage Makes Sense For Your Move

sparefootBy John Donegan

 When relocating to a new home, it often helps to rent a storage unit. By using a self storage finder, you can find an affordable, well-reviewed location near your new address. A major question that people have is whether to pay extra for a climate-controlled unit. With central heating and air conditioning, climate-controlled storage units maintain a steady temperature and protect your belongings against dust, mold and mildew.  In addition, climate control also helps to deter wasps and mice.  These benefits aside, climate control is significantly more expensive than regular storage so it’s important to assess whether or not the added expense is warranted.

If you are planning on keeping your items in self-storage for an extended period of time, you should strongly consider a climate-controlled locker.  Also, consider the geographic location of the storage facility.  For example, if you live in an area where the weather fluctuates rapidly or can become severely hot or cold, climate control is the way to go.  For example, if you are in an area like Dallas, TX, where it gets extremely humid, climate control is a must.

Even if you live in a region with stable and moderate weather, you still may want to rent a climate-controlled storage locker depending on the nature of your items.  The following items should be kept in climate-controlled storage:

·         Electronics, cameras, televisions, stereos, computers , computer parts
·         Antiques
·         Clothing and furs
·         Musical Instruments
·         Software, DVDs, CDs
·         Tax files, business documents
·         Leather or wood furniture
·         Artwork and photographs

 This list is far from exhaustive, and ultimately your decision will come down to how much you value your items.  If you do decide to go the climate control route, make sure that your storage facility offers a high caliber of climate-controlled storage – both the temperature and the humidity levels should be monitored.

John Donegan is a writer at SpareFoot, the online marketplace where you can find and reserve a self-storage unit with comparison shopping tools that show real-time availability and exclusive deals. John lives in Austin, TX and occasionally directs videos for rap artists.