Standing Desk Trend Emerges in Schools

sit_to_stand_adjustable_tableStanding desks are the latest trend in workplace design. More and more, offices are embracing diverse workstations to boost productivity and improve employee wellbeing. By offering flexible workplace furnishings and configurations, employees have the ability to find the best workstation that is most conducive to their needs.

Now, the standing desk trend is moving into a new territory – schools. According to a recent Fast Company article, three schools in Texas placed standing desks in their classrooms, allowing children the option to stand during class. To their surprise, children choose the standing desks, resulting in the children burning more calories and having a greater attention span. In fact, students who used the standing desk burned 15% more calories. Teachers also reported that children appeared to be more focused on the lessons when using the standing desks.

As studies continue to validate the importance of flexible workspace, it is important for furniture manufacturers to keep current with these trends to meet their consumers’ needs. For instance, CORT recently launched a series of new workplace products that addressed recent work design trends such as sit-to-stand versatility. By providing more options, workplaces (and now classrooms) can expect increased collaboration and greater productivity.

Who knows where standing desks will appear next!

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