Relocation Services: Who Needs Them?

relocationWho needs relocation services?

Let’s think about it.  You’re an upwardly mobile, ambitious, valuable employee of a fast-paced, growing organization.  You find a great career opportunity in the Bay Area and decide to relocate to San FransiscoYou’ve heard great things about it, but you’ve only been a couple times, for conferences.  You’ll need to uproot your family, pack all your worldly possessions, and head out there—and soon.  As capable as you are, do you really want to add all the complexities of moving to your already full plate?

Look at it another way.  Your youngest child is finally off to college, leaving you and your spouse as empty-nesters.  You two have always wanted to downsize the house once the kids move on—after all, who needs four bedrooms anymore?  So you decide to move out to the edge of town, get a little bit more peace and quiet, a little more land, at a better value.  You’re looking to simplify your life.  Why complicate your decision with all the mundane, headache-inducing problems moving on your own can generate?

That’s where CORT comes in.  Our goal is to provide as much help as you need through our highly customizable offerings.  If a job takes you elsewhere, and you’re focused on hitting the ground running, we have furnished housing solutions so you can hop on a plane and move into your new place in your new city.  This lets you be free to enjoy the thrill of opening a new chapter in your career, of climbing yet another rung on the ladder.

If you’re going for a change of scenery, use our destination services to help you get quickly acclimated to your new surroundings.  We’ll make it easier for you to start the process of becoming a “local” all over again.

CORT’s relocation services are as comprehensive as they are useful.  No matter what your needs are, we can help.