Office Furniture Rental: Working From Home

“CORT polled nearly 700 attendees at IFMA’s 2009 World Workplace and found that 70 percent of companies supported employees working remotely”, according to the most recent white paper featured in our Furniture News Center. Our study finds that there are several financial benefits of granting employees work-environment flexibility.

Reduced emissions, higher productivity rates, employee work satisfaction, and even a more secure asset management strategy through office furniture rental can all be gleaned from having a regulated telecommuting policy in place for your business.

According to the case study,”Furniture rental as an asset management strategy also can increase the benefits of a mobile workforce in the office, as day-to-day furnishing needs may fluctuate when remote employees or guests need a workspace in the office.”

Before selecting an office furniture rental package for your business as part of your asset management strategy, there are a few things you should consider:


Choose an office furniture rental package that mirrors your current office workspace.  An employee that is equipped with two identical workspaces can make the transition from work to home seamlessly and are more likely to maintain their productivity rate with very little overhead.


All desks and chairs are not made equal. Be sure to select different office furniture rental options for your employees to cater to their varying comfort needs and the size of their home office area. Having proper furniture that is agreeable to your employees fosters a productive work environment in the office and at home.

Office furniture rental policies

Implement and enforce a policy for reserving and maintaining your company’s office furniture. Set standards and policies for communicating with mobile employees in off-site, hoteling environments. Evaluate employee turn-over rate, the duration of projects that may require hoteling, and your offices’ current telecommute system. Consider all of your telecommuting circumstances as you create an office furniture rental policy for your company.

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