Helping Your Pet Relocate

Relocation can be hard on pets. Because pets tend to imprint on their environment, the confusing and even chaotic process of relocation can leave them stressed and nervous.  However, with a little preparation, care and attention, you can keep your pet healthy and happy during the relocation process. Thinking ahead about the potential challenges can make all the difference.

Begin to prepare your pet as soon as you know that relocation is in your future. The first place to start is with their medical records. Take them to the vet and get copies of all of their records. Research the requirements in the area you are moving to in order to ensure that your pet has all the vaccinations required for that area.

Transporting your pet to your new home my also present a number of obstacles. Whether you drive your pet in your car, arrange for your pet to travel by air, or leave your pet with a friend until the relocation is more complete, planning ahead can make your pet’s experience far more comfortable. Whatever you choose, be sure that you understand any related requirements and procedures when you making the initial arrangements. This will allow you to plan appropriately and avoid any challenging surprises. CORT destination services is happy to be of service in helping you think through these issues.

Professional pet movers offer a wonderful service to those who wish to handle their relocation first and then have their pet travel in an environment with as little stress as possible. Professional pet movers will feed and care for your pet, and typically have all the resources necessary to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible during the relocation.

Finally, after your pet has arrived, helping your pet adjust to his or her new environment is critical. For a period of time, keep your pet confined to a small space filled with familiar and favorite objects. For cats, some people recommend placing butter on the paws to help the cat integrate the smells and tastes of the new environment. The theory is that this happens when the cat licks the butter off of their paws. While the pet is adjusting, try not to move things in the home around too much. Also, be sure to protect your home furniture rental pieces from pets. Scratching and spraying furniture (including unfamiliar furniture rental pieces) is a natural mechanism pets use to adjust to a new environment. If the adjustment is not going well, don’t hesitate to contact a vet’s office and schedule your first visit.

Relocation can be challenging for everyone, including pets. But with a little planning and  thoughtful management, your pets relocation experience can be surprisingly successful!