7 Design Tips to Steal from a Tech Startup Office

Tech startups are responsible for a worldwide market worth more than $3 trillion. If that’s not impressive enough, they are also at the heart of some of the greatest innovations and the coolest office designs.

It would be easy to dismiss the startup office aesthetic with just a “less is more” approach. Although it’s true that tech startups include minimalism in their design principles, the approach is far more nuanced. Experts in interior design startup principles agree that it’s all about customization, aligning office design with the brand, and stepping outside of the box to experiment with different styles, aesthetics, and functionality.

You don’t have to be a tech startup to use some of their innovative ideas. They are especially helpful as the weather warms up and your office space begs for something a little lighter and brighter to freshen everyone’s outlook and infuse your space with new life. Here are seven startup office design tips everyone can use as part of their summer decorating strategies.

Make Yourself at Home

You might not be able create dedicated nap rooms or invest in sleep pods like some of today’s startup and tech giants, but you can borrow their comfortable, homey vibe. While you’re revamping your office’s look for the warmer weather, take a little time to make yourself (and your staff) feel a little more at home. Employees will thank you, and your décor will look impressively on trend.

  • Create distinct areas within the office with curated furniture selections instead of keeping everything uniform and identical.
  • Include at least one lounge area with comfortable sofas and plush seating like leather accent chairs to design a spot perfect for reading, relaxing, or small team huddles.
  • Keep the break room informal with a large, communal-style dining table (or two) and coffee bars that encourage people to gather to share ideas and brainstorm.

Add Some Pops of Color

Bright colors can really cheer up the office. Even better, they may boost productivity. Pops of color wake you up, energize the room, and enhance creativity.

Startup office design typically includes residential-style lighting — and that’s just one opportunity to add vibrant color to the space. Swap out your cool metallic lamps for brightly colored options instead. Add colorful organizers to desk tops and a bright throw rug in the lounge area. You can also switch ordinary desk chairs for ones in gorgeous hues that add instant sunshine to the room.

Bring the Outdoors In

This is one of the hottest design trends among startups and other businesses. Best of all, it won’t go out of style any time soon. For starters, consider adding a fish tank or terrarium to the office. Not only does this introduce a natural element, aquariums and terrariums add shape and color while delivering mood-boosting benefits. Other ideas include hanging beautiful outdoor-themed artwork, adding plants, and topping desks or workspaces with gorgeous fresh-cut flowers.

Create a Cool, Coastal Vibe

When it comes to interior design, startups aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. Stir up the vacation vibes by adding some savvy coastal accents to the office. Seashell-studded picture frames and nautical throw rugs aren’t the only options. Some other ideas include:

  • Adding beach-inspired artwork to the walls
  • Decorating with sea glass vases and accent pieces that instantly evoke sandy shores and beautiful water
  • Tossing some cool blue, turquoise, and sandy colored pillows on lounge furniture
  • Infusing the space with natural elements like jute rugs, reclaimed wood art, and decorative accents such as coral or shells

Lighten and Brighten

Just as you want to make your home lighter and brighter for the warm weather, your office décor deserves the same treatment. Although winter is the perfect season for warm, dark woods and cozy, dim lighting, summer begs for bright white pieces and an infusion of tropical, floral accents.

  • Hang mirrors strategically across from windows to double the natural light in the room.
  • Swap out dark wood desks or shelves for bright pieces.
  • Create a focal wall with temporary wallpaper in tropical prints.
  • Add bright, summery artwork for a fresh, light look.

Freshen Up

Fragrance in the workplace can be a touchy subject, especially if you have teammates who are sensitive to smells. But as the weather warms up, it’s always nice to keep things smelling fresh and clean. Plants like English ivy, palm plants, and rubber plants help filter the air. If everyone’s on board, consider adding some reed diffusers in strategic spots, relying on cool fragrances like fresh linen, citrus, or anything that evokes sunshine and fresh air.

Another idea is adding an essential oil diffuser or two to the office for some aromatherapy. Studies suggest that essential oils like lemon, rosemary, frankincense, and peppermint can increase energy and focus for clear, effective thinking.

Stay Agile

Agility is a big buzzword in startup offices. It’s an important concept for everything from business models to interior design. Startup companies experience a roller coaster of changes that demand they adapt. Whether they’re experiencing explosive, exponential growth or changing to meet market demands, startups must be able to adapt quickly and remain flexible. That’s just one of the ways that CORT Furniture Rental shines.

Not only can CORT help you change your décor quickly and easily with a range of artwork, plants, lighting, and mirrors, furniture rental also gives you amazing agility. Scale your office up or down with no hassle. Flexible furniture solutions allow you to design your space like a boss. Discover how CORT can help bring your enterprise vision to life.

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