Tips for Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Patio for Spring

Spring is here, and temperatures are rising! It’s time to spruce up your outdoor patio. Those of you who love the outdoors and warmer weather jump at every chance you get to soak up the sun. An outdoor patio is the perfect way to entertain guests, relax or enjoy a meal outside.

With so many options and little time to spare, designing your dream outdoor patio can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a few tips to help:

Concrete vs. Paver Stones

Two growing trends for outdoor patios are concrete and paver stones, but what is the difference? For the creatives, concrete offers endless options for design. It can be shaped into a multitude of patterns and colors – even designed to mimic stones. For those of you looking for practical and sturdy, paver stones are much stronger than concrete and easier to remove or replace. However, they can be more limiting in design.

Comfort is Key

Whether you love to entertain or just want to relax, creating a comfortable outdoor space is important. Even those who love the heat need a little cool air to survive the summer sun all day. By adding a covered area with a ceiling fan, you can reduce the temperature up to 10 degrees. Also, consider adding an outdoor bed swing or cushioned chairs. You’ll never want to go inside!

Choose a Theme

This is a chance to add a touch of personality to your patio. Themes from country living to modern polished can help create the atmosphere you want for your summer nights. Be consistent and have fun with your theme through color schemes, decorations, flowers and furniture!

Include an Accent Piece

Adding a fire pit, artwork, floral arrangement or other decoration as a centerpiece to your patio can add symmetry and show off your theme. A current trend is to build a stone fireplace to warm up on cool summer nights.

Consider Rental

Not sure which outdoor style is right for you? Consider rental furniture as an affordable alternative for your patio. Renting furniture gives you the flexibility to try out different styles and find the perfect fit without making a major investment.

By following these tips, you can create a comfortable and stylish patio to make the most of your summer!

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