Home Staging Tips From Fans On The Furniture Blog

A furnished living room with warm colorsLast week on the  furniture blog, we shared home staging furniture tips from our Twitter followers. Well friends, today we are sharing more tips with you today from our Facebook fans!

Michael Miles, of Michael Miles Photography, stressed the importance of de-cluttering your home and moving as much as possible into a storage unit. Keeping the rooms free from clutter does not only add to the aesthetic quality of your staged home, but also provides the illusion of more space. As we’ve mentioned on the furniture blog before, in addition to eliminating clutter, it is also important to de-personalize your home.

Shana Sagat of Shawnee, Kansas stated: “You want it to look lived in, yet not lived in by you.” This means that all accolades and items that reflect your personal interests and hobbies should be hidden or taken down. You want the rooms to be a blank canvas for a potential buyer so that they are able to envision how their future life would look inside of your featured home.

Keeping the idea of a de-personalized home in mind should continue all the way through the remodeling process as well, especially if you are featuring an older home. Judy Colburn is a home stager in San Dimas, California, who shared the story of a seller who installed modern light fixtures to a 100-year-old home. “[It’s] not going to appeal to the majority of your potential buyers,” she said.

It is important for the home to embody the spirit of its age on the outside as well as throughout the inside. And while we are regarding the outside, it is important to showcase outdoor views of your home while keeping decor minimal. “Let your eyes flow out to the patio,” our fan Cumisha Tucker suggested.

If you have any more tips to share,  contact us on our CORT Twitter or CORT Facebook accounts with your ideas and we may share it here on the furniture blog. We love the responses we have been getting from you all so far!