Clearance Furniture to Help You Clear the Clutter

Clearance furnitureclearance furniture from CORT can finally help you take on that clutter problem you’ve got. You know, the one you’ve been talking about tackling for ages. Don’t be ashamed – it happens to the best of us. The mail piles up on the dining room table.  DVDs litter your living room floor.  Clothes pile up on your bedroom chair. Here’s a room-by-room list of ideas for ways you can finally tame that clutter for good with just a few pieces of clearance furniture.

Living Room

Clutter tends to collect in the living room where we spend much of our down time. An end table with shelves or drawers offers storage space for books, magazines, and those always-lost remotes. Need something a bit more substantial? A large bookcase offers plenty of shelf space to organize your books, collectibles, and art, and can even serve as a room divider in large spaces.  Keep your space looking clean and anchor your room by hiding your TV and electronics away in a beautiful armoire. Finally, don’t forget an ottoman, which can provide storage for blankets and other movie night must-haves.

Dining Room

Stow away your china and linens when not in use in a sideboard or buffet. These are a great place to lay out your Thanksgiving side dishes when the whole family is in town or to just display fresh flowers and artwork during the rest of the year. Want to show off the family china?  Try a curio instead.


Clean bedrooms are stress-free, restful spaces. Keep clothes out of sight in appropriately sized armoires and chests. Hide away nighttime reading material, remotes, medications, and personal items in matching nightstands with drawers or shelves. Keep your nightstand clear of clutter with just a lamp, clock, and perhaps a plant to make your space more relaxing.

Home Office

If you work from home, you know your whole space can get disorganized quickly. Be sure to keep your work in a designated part of your home, whether that be a corner of the kitchen or separate room. Try to purchase a desk with drawers for your pens, stapler, and any other work-related accessories. If you’re going to have a lot of paperwork or volumes of books to keep track of, set up a system for organizing them on an open bookshelf so you can always easily find what you need.

That’s all there is to it! Head to your nearest CORT Furniture location, pick up a few pieces of clearance furniture, and finally get that cluttered up home under control! For more organization ideas, visit our Pinterest pinboard Storage Ideas.