Safety Tips You Need to Know Before Moving

From back injuries to stair spills — moving day definitely comes with its share of hazards. Before wrapping furniture in bubble wrap and heading to your new home, learn how to prevent injuries and mishaps on moving day with these tips.

Road Trip Safety on Moving Day

Know Your Route

Whether it’s a move across the country or just around the block, get familiar with your route before the trip. For shorter drives, identify any hills or blind intersections that can be avoided with a little rerouting. For longer moves, stay informed on road alternatives in case of highway closures or bad weather. Planning in advance means your moving day will be low stress and manageable — and anyone following you won’t get separated from the pack.

Use Aids

With stacked boxes and giant ferns piled sky-high in your vehicle, visibility while driving may be substantially lowered. Remember to use aids like straps to tie down stray items, extra mirrors for greater visibility, and friends who can help direct you in and out of tight spaces. Don’t be afraid to take your time, and don’t be hesitant to ask for help!

Stay Fueled Up

Your vehicle — and you! — need to stay fueled during your move. Remember to keep an eye on your gas gauge during the drive as greater cargo weight can lower fuel efficiency. You’ll also want to plan ahead when it comes to sustenance for you and anyone helping day-of. Keep cold water, quick snacks, and easy meals at the ready, so you’re not reaching for plates or forks that you’ve just packed into boxes.

How to Prevent Injuries

Dress for Success

When you’re spending an entire day packing, lifting, running stairs, and loading trucks, what you wear matters! To help prevent injuries, make sure you’re wearing close-toed shoes with plenty of traction as well as airy, breathable clothing to keep cool throughout the day. You’ll also want to dress in long-sleeve shirts and pants to keep from getting bruised or scraped while lifting and carrying heavy items.

Plan Ahead

While packing up boxes and shifting furniture from one space to another, stray items like bubble wrap and flattened boxes can wind up in hazardous locations. When transporting bigger items that might obstruct your view, plan ahead by keeping your routes clear to avoid injury.

Lift Safely

Keep a flat back and lift with your legs while hoisting heavy furniture and boxes. And if a piece of furniture seems like it might increase strain on your back or knees, consider renting a dolly or asking a friend for help.

Skip the heavy lifting altogether!

Moving companies can help alleviate the stress of moving day by navigating tricky roads, securing items, and simplifying the entire process for you. All the more reason to consider bringing in an all-star lineup to help. Not sure where to begin when it comes to hiring movers? Rather than paying someone to move old furniture that may not fit your new space very well, let CORT reinvent your new space and do the heavy lifting for you!

When you rent furniture from CORT, you don’t need to lift a finger. Pick out your furniture subscription package online and sit back while CORT’s delivery team sets up your furniture. And when you’re ready for your next move, CORT will pick up your items and move them out for you! It’s a total win-win!

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