How to Choose the Ideal House for the Newlyweds

Written by: Maggie Gacy

One of the things that can grow a marriage is looking for opportunities to indulge in things that make both parties happy. Buying a new home can be some of the most expensive spendings that happen in an individual’s life, so it’s important to feel secure with the decision that’s being made. You have to make sure that your decision to invest in getting a house doesn’t alter your long-term obligations. As newlyweds, you want to go for that house that will benefit your taste. Nothing beats the joy of meeting friendly new neighbors in a serene environment that will now become your neighborhood. Here are a few tips as you go through the process.

Considering Financial Strength

It is essential to consider your financial strength as a couple before taking on a project of this magnitude. Newlyweds usually have a bucket list of cost implications on projects they want to embark on together. They may have even drawn a scale of preference. It would be best if you were confident that getting that dream home will not hamper your other financial obligations, else the joy that came with getting the house could get sour soon.


Getting the wrong home or one in a neighborhood that would later not appeal to you can infect your happy marriage with sadness for years. You can’t compare purchasing a home and buying electronic appliances because, unlike the former, you can quickly return the electronics if there are issues or replace them altogether. Getting a house is cost-intensive, and you need to explore before diving into just any option. The first step in getting a home is to determine what your priorities are. Some of the things to consider are:

  • The size and design: Newlyweds hoping to build a big family will go for a bigger size.
  • How commutable the road is to your office or good schools for your children.
  • Are there other friendly kids in the neighborhood?
  • What perception of the general environment do you get as a first impression?
  • Are the taxes on properties low here?
  • How about crime rates in the area?

The newlyweds need to make a detailed list of what they want in an ideal home and narrow their search accordingly.

Doing your research

After making a detailed list of your preferences, the next step is to do some finding out. You can get pretty much all the information you need online. Many real-estate sites collect information on properties globally for your research purposes. Some of the pieces of information they give amongst others for each house are:

  • The pictures of the interiors, exterior, siding, and surroundings;
  • The actual sizes of what you see in the picture, and
  • The potential cost of the home.

Check out for long-term value

Sometimes, after all the care put in place to get the ideal house as newlyweds, you discover that what you settled for was not exactly what it seemed during the researching process. Having an aura of happiness around your home with your wife is key to making the marriage bond stronger. So, if your new house isn’t offering you what you need, maybe it is time to think of moving out before you start having issues in your marriage. There is a way the discomfort can rub off on minor family issues, and things quickly get aggravated. When buying your first house, you need to make sure it has a long-term value if you have to sell it again. Reselling a home doesn’t necessarily mean you are having issues there. It is possible that your job is relocating you to another country or you need a change of environment after some years.

Getting professional help

One of the most effective ways of finding a house of your dreams as newlyweds is seeking professional help from a real estate company. With Lotmix – package of house and land provider, buying your new home can never be more straightforward. It has every option you could need and saves you the problem of getting overwhelmed. All you need is to keep track and relax to watch Lotmix unfold things to cater to your taste. Newlyweds are probably still in awe of a new stage in their lives, so getting a house that will make them happier will be a great idea. Lotmix will know this and will work according to the newlyweds’ preferences. If you intend to build a home to your taste, all you need to do as a couple is:

  • Create an account on Lotmix;
  • Choose your favorite builders, and
  • Review your build options.

The ideal home for newlyweds should make them happier together. So, if the financial strength is there and the couple gives the necessary research and due diligence required, they will be able to land that perfect home for themselves and their children in the future.

Making Your House into a Home with Furniture

After you’ve settled on where you would like to live, it’s time to start thinking about what comes next: furnishing your new home! Deciding to buy home furnishings can be overwhelming, especially after going through the process of purchasing a home.

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