Home Organization Ideas for Military Families

It’s not uncommon for military families to change homes often, and staying organized helps keep everyone happy and stress-free with each relocation. Moving from base to base makes your living situation feel temporary, but having a few home organization ideas in your back pocket can help you make the most of your short-term quarters. You may feel like your options are limited, but they’re not. Consider these home organization and garage organization ideas for your family’s needs at any home base.

Get Creative When Space Is Tight

For a smaller home or apartment, make use of unusual spaces like the backs of doors, the tops of kitchen cabinets, and underneath the stairs for storage. In the bathroom, apply a strip of magnetic tape inside your medicine cabinet to hold tweezers, nail clippers, eyelash curlers, and other metal essentials. Hiding what may feel like clutter is one of the best ways to keep overwhelming feelings of disorganization at bay.

Use It Differently

Besides hiding the clutter, try repurposing items for different uses. If your home has limited lawn space, then use a kiddie pool to grow a small garden and enjoy fresh herbs in your backyard. Hang small decorative rugs on the walls that you share with your neighbors to simultaneously create some sound privacy and add some décor.

Create a One-Stop Shop

Create a command center in your kitchen with a bulletin board, family calendar, hooks for keys, and a hanging basket for mail. All family members have access to this spot and can see what’s on tap for the week or what chores need to be done. The key to a successful command center and home organization is that everyone stays committed to putting important items there — always.

Stay Tidy and Stay Sane

Empty the pantry and then restock it, placing like foods together and using bins and tiers to keep things tidy. You’ll have a better idea for meal planning and grocery shopping when you can easily see what you already have on hand. Purchase an inexpensive turntable and place it in the back of deep cupboards so you can rotate it and easily get what you need. In the garage, mount a pegboard to hold garden tools at eye level. If nothing is hidden, then you never have to waste time searching.

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