The Power of Color: Color Inspiration from the CORT Signature Collection 2013

furniture rentalInterior design inspiration can come from anywhere.  Your favorite painting, an animal print, even the foods you eat can spark an idea that changes your entire interior.  This week we’re focusing on artwork, and exploring how CORT Furniture Rental artwork can inspire a whole room.  The new CORT Signature Collection 2013 provides that kind of inspiration, bringing together all kinds of furniture rental pieces in a host of colors to
inspire you and transform your home.  Let our visual inspiration to create design ideas of your own, or use our furniture rental pieces to build a room that rejuvenates your style.


CORT’s Reaching Out Framed Artwork is strong enough to make a statement, but also subtle enough to use as a jumping-off point to plan the rest of a room.  The textures and colors suggest an abstract feel, while the lines of the print are much more organic.  We chose Ace Accent Chairs as main furnishings, with small accents of color throughout the room that bring out the bright hues in the artwork.  The furniture rental artwork’s colors are echoed in an Aqua Swirl Lamp, a Sage Dining Chair, and an Aros Area Rug, while the smooth texture Capiz Shell Door Chest actually complements the roughness of the artwork.  The resulting green-based room inspired by the CORT Signature Collection 2013 is fresh and soothing, and gives you plenty of room to play with color and style.


Black and White

Black and white is a classic combination.  Though these two simple shades seem limiting, they actually open up a whole world of possibility when it comes to textures, fabrics, and styles.  Our black and white room started with the Bentley Plane Framed Artwork, and expanded into a contemporary, edgy design.  The clean lines of this framed flower are replicated in a CORT Furniture Rental Clear Lucite Table Lamp, which keeps with the monochromatic theme while adding a new material to the mix.  Likewise, the Mikel Reclining Chaise is made of luxurious black leather with chrome legs.  Elegant and clean, the furniture rental elements in this room invite elegance and balance into a home.

furniture rental


Our orange-inspired room is all about energy.  Furniture rental can go a long way with just a simple splash of color, as evidenced by CORT’s Orange Crush Framed Artwork.  Varying hues of bright, deep orange are contrasted by a neutral, abstract rectangular space below.  In this same vein, try contrasting the simplicity of a piece of furniture rental artwork like the Orange Crush Framed Artwork with pattern galore, using colors that enhance the vibrancy of the artwork.  Be sure to include some softer colors to tone down the brightness, however, or the room will feel too busy and too overwhelming.  We included a sample fabric swatch from CORT’s charming Angelina Sofa to show the calming effect a little blue and green can have on an electric orange.

furniture rental

More Inspiration

Want to see more furniture rental design inspiration?  The CORT Pinterest page has inspiration for home staging, office spaces, dramatic purple interiors, patterns and prints, and more.  Then, post on the CORT Furniture Rental Facebook wall, or tweet us on Twitter to tell us what artwork inspired your home’s designs!