Starting the Year Off Right With an Organized Home

furniture rentalThe holidays are over and your house still looks more than a bit untidy? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Learn how to clean up three types of clutter with these tips for starting off your year right, with an organized home.

Clothing Clutter
Those ugly holiday sweaters should be packed up by now. But if you still have all of your tank tops and t-shirts contending for space in your closet (or worse, on your bedroom floor), you have even bigger issues. Pack out-of-season clothing in separate chests or armoires (furniture rental is a good way to acquire these items if you don’t already own them).  Make sure your clothing is thoroughly cleaned and dried before packing it away. Loosely fold clothes and don’t hang anything that might get misshapen over the course of a few months. Finally, help keep pests away with cedar chips or lavender satchels. Donate anything you don’t need. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, chances are it would be better off in someone else’s wardrobe.

Paper Clutter
Paper clutter is a big problem in many households and keeping it in check does require organizational skills and a fair bit of diligence. Tackle clutter before it begins by sorting mail immediately after you pick it up. Any junk mail can be recycled or put in a container for shredding. Keep bills, receipts, and other important documents organized either in binders on bookshelves or folders in desks or office filing cabinets. Again, furniture rental is a good way to pick up these pieces if you don’t already have them. Make sure everyone follows the same filing system. And once a year clear out and shred any documents you now longer need.

Electronic Clutter
It’s almost impossible to escape these days. Unsightly wires take over your home with each new gadget you purchase. The right TV console or armoire can go a long way toward hiding wires and providing storage for your ever-growing DVD and video game collections. In the home office, you can always invest in wireless versions of keyboards, mice, and speakers. A desk with a full back can help hide wires. If all of your wires can’t be hidden cleanly behind furniture, there are a plethora of cable ties, sleeves, clips, and conduits available for purchase.

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