Home Interior Trends 2020: What’s In & What’s Out

Bean bags, linoleum, floor-to-ceiling rooms of wood paneling — the list of outdated décor is almost as long as it is cringe-worthy! History may repeat itself, but there are some trends we hope never come back. Reminisce with us on the most outdated home styles and celebrate the interior design trends taking their spots in 2020!


Time to Send These Outdated Décor Trends Packing


1. Small Floral Prints on Everything

During the heyday of detail-laden floral prints in the 90s, you could drown anything from walls to furniture in pastel-toned floral motifs. While florals can still be stylish (keep reading!), keeping your décor on-trend these days looks more like large, colorful floral prints and motifs—no more busy, intricate floral vibes for you!

2. Fast Furniture

Big-box retailers and online shopping have made it easier than ever to buy popular furniture styles you can assemble yourself—and it’s shipped right to your door. And while that’s not always a bad thing, heirloom-quality furniture could be coming back and catching up with fast furniture. There’s just something special about a top-quality, durable piece or an antique that’s been passed down for generations, and quick-build furniture can’t always compete.

3. Nautical Themes

We’d all rather be on a beach than schlepping through our routines some days, but enough with the seaside-inspired outdated décor. Now, if you truly love the water and have some unique accessories to show for it, flaunt them! But as for the influx of navy striped furniture and seashell-shaped stuff (say that five times fast!), it’s time to say goodbye. Promise us you’ll trade your sailor looks for some modern industrial furniture, okay?

4. Shag Rugs

Comfy on your feet? Yes. Way past its prime? DEFINITELY yes. We all loved the “squish your toes into this mountain of fiber” feeling, but modern rugs have shown us it’s possible to have comfort with a lower profile. You can still add texture and warmth to your floors without throwing it back to the 70s.

5. Oversized Leather Sofas

Ahh, the sofa that could swallow you whole, complete with chunky wood legs and gigantic leather pillows. Although oversized sofas topped the list of popular furniture in decades past, smaller, sophisticated sofas are in the spotlight now.


Try New Home Interior Trends: 2020 Is Full of Good Ones!


1. Giant Floral and Abstract Prints

We know, we know—we just said florals were out. But not EVERY kind of floral. A bold, oversized floral print can make a gorgeous statement, and the same goes for colorful abstract prints and designs. Everything from rugs and upholstered chairs to wallpaper and throw pillows can sport a bright, artsy print and bring a hefty dose of color into an otherwise neutral space.

2. Clean Lines

Even though oval couches and curved modern furniture appear more often in interior design, “clean lines” are still king. Soft, simple, rounded edges replace outdated intricate sofa arms and overly curvy table legs. And hello, classic straight lines could never go out of style. Modern industrial furniture is an easy way to add clean lines to your space—and it’s totally having a moment right now.

3. Minimalistic Luxury

It’s no secret that simplistic, minimal design has pushed out the days of trinkets and stuffed-to-the-brim homes. But less stuff can mean more luxury! Elevated fabrics like velvet can add an affordable style statement to your home without overloading it with accessories. And well-placed, high-quality prints (like the fabulous oversized florals mentioned above) can make a significant impact on your home without taking up much space.

4. Organic and Sustainable Materials

Metals will always be around in décor trends, but organic materials are trying to outshine them in 2020! Sustainable, natural materials like bamboo and cane are on the rise, and we’re here for it. Whether your style is simple and sophisticated or elegant and carefully curated, natural materials can add much-needed texture to your rooms.

5. Moody Colors (Especially Green!)

Oh neutrals, how we love you, but oh, how we need to spice you up sometimes! Rich, moody color schemes are making waves in home interior trends for 2020. Green is a popular choice for paint colors and furniture alike, but really, any jewel tone will do. Want to paint your door a vibrant cabernet color? Do it! How about a deep turquoise couch? Yes, please. If you’ve been living in neutral territory for too long, try home furniture rental to change up your interior décor style in 2020.

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