2020 Hindsight: Top Home Decor Trends by Decade

We’re kicking off 2020 by taking a walk down memory lane, reflecting on quintessential home interior trends from decades past. Let’s explore the inspiration behind some of the world’s most iconic looks and how trends change, disappear, or, in some cases, stand the test of time.

The 1940s

In the 1940s, the average American living room could be described as cozy and sentimental. Rather than daring or extravagant, home decor trends were traditional and innocent. Think floral prints and polka dots — (it wasn’t uncommon for couches to match the curtains!), ruffles, and wall-to-wall carpeting. While overdoing the matching fabrics is a trend best left in the 1940s, you can take some inspiration from the decade by incorporating a brightly patterned accent piece into your home, like the dotted Eli Chair.

The 1950s

Wood paneling, pastel pink bathtubs, patterned linoleum floors… you can find all of these in a classic 1950s home. Clean and simple Scandinavian designs inspired these 1950s interior design trends. In the ’50s, many living rooms were also decorated in bright, happy colors. You can channel the decade’s vibes with a retro-yet-modern dinner table paired with eye-catching chairs.

The 1960s

The ’60s were one of the most iconic and legendary eras of interior design. Neon color palettes, pop art, simple lines, and geometric shapes were all staples of the 1960s home trends. If you’re having trouble picturing it, just consider that the ’60s were the heyday of Austin Powers. Add a pop of ’60s nostalgia by hanging up some funky wall art to the tune of The Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever.

The 1970s

Sunburst mirror

As the ’60s made way to the ’70s, the bright, neon colors were replaced with earthy tones of green, brown, terracotta, and plum. Shag carpets were a hot item, and tile countertops were all the rage in bathrooms and kitchens. Boho decor pieces, like macramé wall hangings, sunburst mirrors, and rattan furniture, reflected the hippie vibes of the era. Today, you may spot some of these iconic ’70s home accents in the pages of interior design magazines.

The 1980s

If the ’60s and ’70s were for disco dancers and hippies, the ’80s were for their preppy younger sibling. Pastel colors reigned supreme in the 1980s. Additionally, the decade’s top decor trends included chintz floral prints, harvest gold-colored appliances, glass block walls, and clear coffee tables. Throw it back to the ’80s without breaking out your old hair crimper by decorating your glass cocktail table.

The 1990s

The 1990s were the era of orange-tinged wood, track lighting, brass fixtures, Southwestern patterns, and fake houseplants. And although all of these trends are unlikely to make a comeback, you can pay homage to the decade with a fern houseplant or light-colored bedroom furniture. Alternatively, you can time travel back to the ’90s by queueing up a rerun of Full House.

The 2000s

Shabby chic bedroom furniture setIn the 2000s, there was a bigger is better mentality — trend furniture included humongous entertainment centers, stately sleigh beds, and sectionals to accommodate ten of your closest friends. This decade also brought us all-white kitchens and the shabby chic craze. Plus, as computers and the Internet became staples in homes across the country, so did home offices. Double down on ’00s design trends by creating a home office with shabby chic accents.

The 2010s

Look around your space right now, and you’ll probably spot at least a few of the significant trends of the 2010s. This past decade brought us a love for all gray and white everything, a move toward minimalism, open concept shelving, pops of greenery, and patterned or colorful accent walls. CORT’s Lounge Armless Living Room Set in gray and white is the perfect way to infuse your living room with the cool tones favored throughout this decade.

As we take a look back at these trends by decade, one thing is clear: style is ever-changing. How can renters and homeowners stay on-trend without purchasing all new furnishings (and draining their bank account!) every time they move or want a refresh?

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