Looking for quality furniture in Dallas if you’re new to the city can be a bit of a challenge.  After all, finding the right furniture solution for you—the one that matches your budget, taste, and need for flexibility—when you’re a fresh implant is difficult, no matter where you move.  Add that standard concern to the fact that Dallas is famously massive, and the magnitude of the issue becomes clear.

If you’ve been put up in temporary housing by your employer, renting furniture at our Dallas location, which is just off the Dallas North Tollway on Inwood Road, is the way to go.  And, of course, renting furniture is how we made our name.  Did you know, however, that we also offer sell clearance furniture?  This furniture is selected from our rental stock, and was previously employed in areas as diverse as executive apartment suites, movie sets, and model homes.  We take this quality furniture and offer it to you at prices up to 70% off standard new retail prices.  We do this at many of our furniture locations all across the world, but also right here in Dallas.

Looking for a place to put all that new furniture?  Using our handy apartment searching tool, you can browse our large database of Dallas apartments.  We make it easy to find an apartment that’s right up your alley, something that’s the perfect fit for your budget, lifestyle, and location needs.  After all that, you could be eligible for up to $200 in renter rewards.  As great as it is, our apartment locator is simply another part of the comprehensive relocation services we at CORT have to offer.  We can help throughout the entire moving process, from putting that first box in the moving van to supplying the new bed you’ll lay down on in your new home.  CORT: Wherever you’re going, we’ll be there.