Candy Dumas’ Home Staging Experience with CORT

CORT Furniture testimonial

A home staging by Candy

Hello CORT Furniture fans! Today we want to share a testimonial from Candy Dumas, owner of Sweet Interiors by Candy. Dumas is a prominent interior designer, home stager and design consultant from the Houston area who uses CORT Furniture for her home staging projects.

As one of my main resources for staging projects, I find CORT Furniture to be an excellent resource for rental furniture. I use them for anything from a low budget to high end staging projects. CORT has more than exceeded my expectations with their awesome selection of quality furnishings and style, to their just-in-time deliveries & pick-ups. They come through each and every time making the process as stress-free as possible for both me and my clients.

I am a home staging business owner with a partial staging inventory which I have built specifically around CORT’ Furniture pieces that compliment each other. I offer everything necessary to complete a turn-key staging project. However, I rely heavily on CORT to provide all the major furniture pieces for my projects therefore, giving me the ability to recommend a full service staging solution using a third party such as CORT.

Furthermore, and more importantly to me, the customer service I receive each and every time is impeccable!! Amber Dorn, the representative I typically work with, is absolutely amazing! She is so helpful and always has my company and my clients’ best interest at heart assuring a smooth installation every time. She knows her stuff! Her attitude, work ethic and attention to detail are flawless. She strives to make great furniture recommendations based on my clients’ budget and the pieces I select from my staging inventory that assures a very successful staging design at the end-of-the-day. Therefore, creating the best first impression in a home that helps me help my clients sell their property faster and for more money!! After all, that is goal!!

Needless to say, it is a genuine pleasure for me to recommend CORT to anyone from professional stagers, individual home owners looking to sell or furnish their home to college students looking for an affordable rental furniture package.

Respectfully Yours,
Candy Dumas 

Owner, Sweet Interiors by Candy
Designer/Consultant & Home Staging Expert

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