Student Furniture Rental Solutions for the College Lads

student furniture rental

Last week on our furniture blog, we shared tips about how young women can can use student furniture rental and other creative solutions to make the best use of their apartment space. This week, we’re focusing on the men! In general, men have different needs for organization, but the principles are the same. With a strategic approach, you can create a high-class, low-maintenance, and efficient space.

Planning Ahead Works

When planning your space, think simple and easy. Storing things where they are most frequently used means fewer trips back and forth to find something. When selecting your pieces for your furniture rental, you may want to consider a storage ottoman or a coffee table with a drawer for the remote control devices. While you may not need to inventory everything, taking an inventory of your electronics equipment and noting their sizes will assist you greatly in choosing a shelf or entertainment center that fits your needs the best. A small container placed near the door is a great way to make sure that you can always find your cell phone, sunglasses, and keys when you are leaving the house.

Small Containers Have Big Advantages

Small and medium storage containers (especially stacking ones) can be very useful in a small space. Small things like shaving gear, that would ordinarily get mixed up with other things, when placed together in the same container, make them simple and easy to find. Buying stacking, clear storage containers with the same color lid can create a cool industrial look, while choosing closed containers with clean lines may have a more modern feel.

Put Your Ingenuity to Work

Some young men find it fun to get inventive with storage solutions. Last week we suggested adding shower curtain rings to a clothes hanger as a place to store scarves. The same approach can be used for neckties or belts. A simple metal bucket (useful on it’s own), when placed near the door, can double as a container for umbrellas or shoes. And if you really want to impress a date, try making an appetizer or beverage using fresh herbs from your herb garden. Wondering where you’ll fit an herb garden on that tiny balcony? This website has instructions for turning a used shipping pallet into a vertical garden.

Consider Student Furniture Rental

While there is certainly nothing wrong with used or borrowed furniture, the overall look can be less than impressive. A simple but stylish apartment makes your successful attitude obvious without having to say it. But what male student in their first apartment wants the commitment of buying new furniture? CORT student furniture rental packages offer affordable, temporary furnishings that both meet your needs and match your lifestyle. Plus, sharing the cost with your roommate saves money and avoids the hassle of having to figure out who owns what if someone moves out.

To get started, enter your zip code to find a CORT Furniture store near your city on our website, and browse through the student furniture rental packages for your area. If you have questions, we have a live chat set up to help you. For more ideas, you may want to come visit our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.