College Apartment Furniture: How to Stay On Trend and Under Budget

Buying new décor and furniture every time you head back to school is expensive and unnecessary. Making small changes here and there as trends change can keep your style up to date while keeping costs low. Remember these tips when your space needs an update:

1. Pop with accent colors.

As you grow through college, your personality and tastes may change. Not to mention roommates. To keep up with trends and avoid breaking the bank, start with neutrals and add your personality and fun through accent pieces. For example, a light grey bedding set can be made bright and fun with yellow accents or relaxing and tranquil with light blue. You may want different things out of your living space as your year goes on. Let the accent colors drive the energy and vibe in your room, so it can easily change as you do.

2. Make it personal.

Whether it’s wall art with your favorite quote or a throw pillow with your dog on it, make sure your room feels like Online sites can get you better deals than big stores and give you endless options so you can find just the right picture or the softest blanket that matches your style. Society6 and Etsy are online marketplaces where you can find the perfect piece that no one else has. Filing your space with personal touches that are unique to your room can make any apartment or dorm room feel more like home.

3. Rearrange.

Updating your space in a way that feels fresh and fun could be free! Try thinking about your room from a different perspective and rearranging furniture in a new, original way. Changing the focal point of the room can change the flow and energy, which will change the way you feel while you’re in it. While it may take some getting used to, changing the arrangement of your room could change your outlook!

4. Be unexpected.

Tap into your creative side and make your own décor to save money. Line up candles along the top of a bookshelf to add visual interest and elongate the sight lines in your room. Change the color of a bookshelf or jazz up your lamps with a little bit of spray paint. Buy cheap mirrors and line them up to create the illusion of more space. Paint your own abstract canvases so the colors perfectly tie your room together. Literally putting your own touch on pieces of your décor shows your personality and is a fun way to save money while updating your space.

5. Keep your options open.

If your furniture really does need to be updated or replaced, consider renting. Renting large items like your bedroom or living room furniture is convenient as you move from room to room through your college years. Renting also allows you to get what you need for each living space as your situation changes, all while avoiding the high costs of furniture. Renting also means you won’t have to pay to store bulky furniture while you’re home for the summer

Use these tips to create a space that is uniquely you without breaking the bank!

On Trend and Under Budget