What to Expect When Moving Off-Campus

May is National Moving Month, and we understand how strenuous the process can be. This task can be even more overwhelming for students making the adjustment from living on campus to moving to off-campus housing. To help out, we’ve put together some tips to make a seamless transition to your first off-campus home!

Look over your lease: Moving to your first apartment means you will be signing a lease for the first time. It is important for you to know that each landlord will have different rental policies, so students should familiarize themselves with the language of the lease and come prepared with questions. It is important to understand the housing payments, if the unit is customizable, the out clause in the housing agreement and even the pet policy before putting pen to paper.

Pick the right location: Staying within close proximity to campus is essential for students, especially for those who do not have cars. Selecting a location near campus or close to public transportation can save you the time and headache of a long commute. In addition, try looking for housing that is near other students. This will offer you a similar atmosphere to living on campus, but with the independence you crave.

Check the condition of your new home: Do not take this step lightly. When you begin to tour different housing units, it’s important carefully take note of the condition of the building and come prepared with questions about past damages. This will help you hold onto your security deposit when you move out. 

Find a convenient food source: Finding affordable, healthy food is important for students that are accustomed to having a meal plan. What most students may not know is that purchasing groceries at their local supermarket can be more affordable than frequently eating out or ordering takeout. When you’re looking for your first apartment, be sure to do a quick scan for grocery stores in your neighborhood to ensure that you have a convenient place to purchase food or household items!

Moving In: Purchasing and moving furniture into a new home is arguably the most challenging part of the moving experience. Considering furniture rental services from CORT could be the easiest and most cost-efficient option for a student. You can rent furniture from CORT and have it delivered and assembled in your home for quickly and for little cost!

Between classes, part-time jobs, school work and extracurricular activities, students already have a long list of stressors, but worrying about housing doesn’t have to be one of them. Keep these tips in mind as you start to look for housing, and you’ll find yourself more confident in making your decision.

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