Living Abroad

As the school year draws closer, international students are taking the necessary steps to relocate to a foreign college or university. Of these steps, making proper housing arrangements and finding necessities like student furniture rental are of high priority. Tips below help make the house hunting process a little easier for international students.

Keep in mind personal location preferences—Select a building that will be conducive to your lifestyle and provide for your needs, whether that be a quiet study space or a relaxing getaway to hang out with friends and classmates after class and on weekends.

Keep in mind personal...

Arrange a tour—Coordinate a tour to gain a better feel for the unit and building you are considering. When touring, remember to come prepared with a list of appropriate questions to ask your tour guide or realtor, such as building codes and regulations, cost of utilities and specifics details on leasing agreements. If an in-person tour is not possible, request a virtual tour via Skype.

Arrange a Tour

Factor in transportation needs –For renters with their own cars, check to see if the facility offers complimentary parking services. If not, factor in the price of parking into your monthly rent to determine the overall price of your living situation. For renters without their own vehicles, inquire about public transportation routes nearby and estimate how long it will take to walk to your classes during the school week.

Take advantage of student furniture rental—For unfurnished apartments, student furniture rental offers a quick and convenient solution. CORT’s customized student furniture rental packages can be viewed online and delivered “on demand,” allowing students to select and coordinate their perfect student furniture rental home setup before even arriving at their destination.  CORT also provides flexible leasing options for student furniture rental to suit both short-term and long-term study abroad programs.

Attending school abroad can be intimidating, but by being proactive and planning ahead, your transition can be seamless!