Student Furniture Rental with New College Roommates

student furniture rentalMoving can be stressful, especially for students. Conflicts with new roommates over student furniture rental, house rules, and more are not uncommon. In the past, students had to rely fully on their college to match them with a roommate. These days, many students are taking the process into their own hands, using Internet services such as or to find their own roommate.

Before you use the Internet to find your own college roommate, you may want to find out more about how your college or university handles the process. Some are very good at making successful matches. If you do decide to find your own roommate, be sure to meet your potential roommate on the phone or in person prior to making an agreement.

Whether you select your own roommate or the college selects one for you, get to know your roommate ahead of time. Ask questions that will allow you to identify and work out potential conflicts ahead of time. Talk about your sleep schedule, your study habits, and your needs for privacy. Also, talk about your needs for storage and student furniture rental.

Most universities provide basic student furniture. Rental may not be necessary. However, you may find that student furniture rental is needed to provide more storage space. For roommates, student furniture rental has advantages. Deciding together about which student furniture rental pieces are needed can not only be a bonding experience, but also can prevent conflicts about whose pieces to use and how much room they take up. Student furniture rental also makes it easier to move at the end of the year. You can simply have the student furniture rental items picked up rather than have to move your own bulky items. You are then free to make new arrangements as needed.

Talk to your new roommate prior to making a student furniture rental agreement. While you may have ideas about what student furniture rental pieces are needed, your roommate may have needs or ideas that you hadn’t thought of, such as a storage ottoman or small hutch for kitchen items. You may also want to check out ideas on our Pinterest page. Working out these types of issues ahead of time can go a long way toward creating a successful roommate experience. And stay tuned, because next week’s furniture blog will have more advice about returning to school.