Creating Space in a Small Student Apartment

Student housing can be snug at best, and finding room for all of your belongings can be challenging enough, let alone choosing student furniture rental pieces that work in the space. Regardless of how little space you have, you will still need a place to eat, places for guests to sit, and room to move around. The great news is, how you choose to arrange your furniture can make all the difference in making your small space stylish and comfortable.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Designers and home staging experts will tell you that there are several principles to keep in mind when designing a small space. First, make the most of all sources of light. Light, especially natural light, makes any room look larger. Using mini blinds instead of curtains is a great way to let lots of light in without sacrificing the need for privacy. Mirrors can help spread light in a room, and light from a tall lamp placed in a corner will bounce off of the walls behind it, illuminating and opening up the room.

Declutter Your Space

Second, fewer lines mean more space. The more things for the eye to see in space, the more cluttered and small the space will feel. Clean lines and simple shapes create the illusion of space.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Finally, lighter neutral colors also have a calming effect on the eye, making the object seem less obtrusive in a space. Brighter colors make great choices for smaller, well-placed accents, such as pillows, pictures, or other design accessories. Just be sure to avoid creating a cluttered look by over-accessorizing.

Pick Furniture Wisely

Not all furniture is created equal when it comes to making a small space look spacious. Padded, overstuffed furniture, and furniture with a busy fabric makes a small room feel smaller, while solid colors and clean lines do the opposite. The same holds true for chairs and tables. Of course, making sure your student furniture rental includes dual-purpose pieces (such as storage ottomans and sleeper sofas) is always helpful, since economy of storage is likely an issue. A lighter wood or glass for tables is often a better choice than darker wood, which can make a table seem clunky. Choosing the right furniture for your room will go a long way toward creating a more spacious look.

Plan Ahead

Before making your final student rental furniture selections, be sure to plan out your space on paper. In a small apartment, the living room often doubles as a front room. Think about how you and your guests will move through the room from one area to the next. It’s important to be able to access every usable area of the room without tripping over anything. Make the most of the best features of room, and consider using corners to maximize space and create an interesting look at the same time.

These are just a few design tips that can help make your room look larger. With the right furniture and design choices, even the smallest apartments can feel very roomy and comfortable. For more ideas and suggestions, join us on Pinterest and see some of these design ideas in action.