CORT Student Furniture Rental Has a Package for Every Student

Advantages of Furniture Rental

For first-year students, moving out of the nest and into a college living environment can be overwhelming thanks to the stress of living on a budget, making new friends, and furnishing your first place. CORT offers several customized student furniture rental packages geared specifically toward students with special, discounted pricing with a valid student ID card, so you can have all the comforts of home while away at school.

The Necessities Package

Eat, relax and sleep, this basic student furniture rental collection contains everything you need to be comfortable while away at school including a living room, dining room and bedroom set.

The Academic Package

Focus on your studies with the study desk, chair and lamp in addition to living room and bedroom furniture with this student furniture rental collection.

The Entertainment Package

Balance your time at school between studying and socializing. This student furniture rental set includes all the items from the Necessities and Academic package but also a 32” LCD television and stand to kick back and relax with friends.

The Entertainment Plus Package

Live in style! This student furniture rental package includes all of the items featured in the Entertainment package but also includes decorative touches to truly transform your living space into your home away from home.

Once you have chosen a student furniture rental package, you will have the option to add additional bedroom sets for roommates as well. Students can add other essentials including additional TVs, as well as kitchen and bath accessories.