Ex·pa·tri·ate: (n) a person who lives outside their native country. Each year, CORT Destination Services supports thousands of individuals and families through the challenges inherent in relocating for work.  Our Destination Services Consultants help assignees discover great neighborhoods,

You found the perfect new home and it is finally time to

By Caryn Anderson They say that moving is one of the top causes

By Bridget Sielicki Choosing the best housing for you or your family can be

Sorting through online classifieds can be daunting, but not if you know what you're looking for. Check out these tips for furnishing your apartment online!

Moving off-campus is exciting for college students, but also stressful. From renting

The time has come to move out of your parent’s nest and

Are you a college student moving off-campus for the first time? Use

watermelon, raspberries and blueberries on a table with a sparklerOutdoor events are one of the great joys of summer. The memories created at a well-planned outdoor event can last a lifetime. With Independence Day on the horizon, we’d like to offer a few planning tips for your next outdoor event.

event furnitureAs the world progresses toward more environmentally-friendly choices to help reduce energy consumption, light-emitting diodes (LED) have become a popular choice for consumers wanting to replace costly and inefficient incandescent bulbs. When it comes to lighting an event, modular LED lightings are a fantastic choice for lowering electricity bills and saving energy. Plus, its singular look will liven up any event.

event furnitureLight-emitting diodes (LED) are not just for holiday decorations anymore. LED lightings exclusively from CORT Event Furnishings, our event furniture rental service, can transform the look and feel of any corporate event, turning bland into brilliant, bright and even colorful. This fabulous new trend in lighting also helps minimize energy consumption costs and keeps the event space cool.

event furniturePlanning a spectacular corporate event or trade show is quite a bit of work. There are thousands of details, large and small, to prepare and logistical issues to work out.  At CORT, we are recognized for our rental and clearance furniture for both businesses and the home.

In late January, CORT’s Purchasing Manager Chris Tuohy and VP of Merchandising Ann Sennewald attended IMM Cologne - The International Interiors Show in Cologne, Germany.

It's a new year, and CORT’s designers have pulled together different style

You can't always go to the beach, but you can make every

Collaborative Office SpaceAre you in love with your current office workspace or is your office looking a little drab? Either way, there are many ways to redesign your office that will actually improve your productivity. We’ve compiled a list of tips for making some changes around your workspace that will help complete tasks more efficiently.

By Heather R. Johnson After years of living in cramped spaces with messy roommates, you finally have a place of your own with some space. You rejoice in the idea of your own living room, bedroom, and