Taking Advantage of CORT’s Relocation Services

relocation servicesAt CORT, furniture rental is just one of the many moving-related services we offer.  We also offer temporary housing services, clearance furniture for sale, and relocation services, among other things.  It’s the latter that we aim to spotlight today, because it’s not your typical burly-men-in-a-moving-van program.  Instead of picking up your furniture in location A, dropping it off in location B, and washing our hands of the whole deal, we offer an all-encompassing solution designed to assist your move from beginning to end.

Relocation Services: A Comprehensive Approach

No matter what the nature of your move or how you’re planning on living once you get to your new destination, CORT has solutions designed to help you.  If you’re looking for a turnkey housing solution—a place you can just unlock and move into—we offer furnished housing solutions.

We also operate a handy apartment finder called Apartment Search, which can help you find a suitable rental, whether that place is supposed to be a stopgap for just for a few months or a real destination you plan on living in for several years.  Searching around on our tool is incredibly easy, intuitive, and informative.  If you were planning on renting an Austin apartment, for example, our apartment locator will help you find an apartment in a neighborhood suitable for you using a map-based interface.

Once you’re in your new location, lean on our destination services to help you get situated.  We offer major assistance in the form of half- and full-day tours of your new city, along with finding single-family housing for you and your family.  However, we don’t neglect the little things, like helping you set up a new bank account or providing an overview of the neighborhoods, schools, and other amenities in your city.

If you choose to make a move with CORT, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.